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Encora Data Scraping (EDS) - Source + downloads

Hey everyone!

This is a post where you can find the source code of my Encora backup, as well as other extras like the entire database in CSV format in various hosts to avoid data loss.

Enjoy! :)
Encora Data Scraping - full HTML source:
Includes the CSS, JS and HTML files for every link on the public site (the same without login)
(updated 01/12)

Direct link

Google Drive

It's just plain HTML. Can be used for offline viewing, rehosting on other domains/servers and to edit existing data.

Encora Data Scrapping - CSV files:
Almost every performance in a CSV spreadsheet. Can be converted/exported to XLSX (Excel), Json and plain text using this Python script.
(updated 28/11)

Google Drive folder

Encora database - Official links:
Taken from the official Encora.one site.
(updated 01/12)

Direct link

Google Drive

Direct link

Google Drive

Google Drive folder with everything so far.

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